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PolyForce Series 2 in production at Worldpoly's factory in Melbourne, Australia. FEATURES of the PolyForce 630 Series II include: • Superior quality control • High & low pressure welding • Automatic CNC or manual operation • Tracked or wheel-based options • Bosch Rexroth hydraulics
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Compare Worlpoly’s Polyforce 630 advanced pipe welding technology, features, safety and efficiency with the other guys
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Until recently, the single-unit machines have relied on basic controls as have been successful in various modifications for decades. What has been clearly lacking is the use of current technology in not only the welding operation, but operator safety. Introducing the new benchmark in operator safety...
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Worldpoly machines are operational in over 100 countries world-wide, each supported by Worldpolys’ offices in Australia, Malaysia and Latin America or our outstanding local distributors, all providing superior levels of hands-on support and service.
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The desert of Southern Peru is a forbidding location lodged between the Andes, the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean. The landscape is so barren that it will form part of the Dakar 2013 Rally. MIM was appointed to manage and deliver the Ite Irrigation project
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Australian engineered design and construction delivers affordable yet premium welding machines, able to weld at both high and low pressure. Genuine International 2 year warranty. Training and calibration available.
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Worldpoly will be showing and demonstrating their PolyForce630 CNC Track, which is the safest, easiest to operate and most producting welder available worldwide.


Butt welding usage and knowledge recently expanded significantly in Myanmar with the opening of the country’s first school devoted to welding HDPE pipe systems. Myanmar National and Local Government Authorities in conjunction with Austrade have developed the first HDPE Pipe Welding School with the assistance of Australian butt welding equipment manufacturer, Worldpoly.


Australia’s Worldpoly has invested  in major R&D work with hydraulics leader Bosch Rexroth to produce a new benchmark in butt welding – the PolyForce630. Unlike other machines, PolyForce630 uses Rexroths’ Mobile PLC; this allows the provision of safety and welding controls previously unavailable.


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